Kinetic Add-Ons 1.12

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Kinetic Add-Ons 1.12
Kinetic Add-Ons
Minecraft Versions: 1.12.2
Modmaker: AtlasTheFirst
Modpacks: Kinetic Spellbound
Link to mod: CurseForge

Kinetic Add-Ons is one of the custom mods made especially for the Kinetic Network's servers and packs.

Getting Started[edit]

This mod is decently late-game, it's main ingredient is the Kinetic Logo, made by putting a nether star in any slot in a crafting recipe. Kinetic Logo Crafting Recipe


On it's own, the Kinetic Logo doesn't do anything, it's just used as a gem for the Kinetic Block.

Logo Item In World


The Kinetic Block can be used to make the Kinetic Altar, and can be used as a sacrifice to the Kinetic Altar to obtain a Sherman.

Resistance: Unbreakable
Hardness: 1

Kinetic Crafting Recipe Kinetic Block In World

Kinetic Altar[edit]

The Kinetic Altar is the block you use to get Shermans. Through the sacrifice of Kinetic Blocks, a bolt of lightning will strike, a Kinetic Block will be taken and replaced with a Sherman.

Resistance: Unbreakable
Hardness: 3

Kinetic Altar Crafting Recipe Kinetic Altar In World


Sherman is the mascot of the Kinetic Network. He's a happy chicken who demands sacrifice if you're to obtain him. To get Sherman, hold a Kinetic block, and right-click the Kinetic Altar. Be careful: There's lightning!

Sherman Item In World

Sherman Block[edit]

A Sherman block is obtained the same way you'd get any block, 9 in a crafting grid. It's used to make the Sherman tools, which have cool Abilities.

Resistance: Unbreakable
Hardness: 4

Sherman Block Crafting Recipe Sherman Block In World

Sherman Sword[edit]

The Sherman Sword is made with one blaze rod and two Sherman blocks. The Sherman Sword's Special ability is to heal half a heart at the cost of 5 durability.

Attack Damage: 34
Attack Speed: 1.6
Durability: 10000

Sherman Sword Crafting Recipe Sherman Sword In World

Sherman Pickaxe[edit]

The Sherman Pickaxe is made with two blaze rods and three Sherman blocks. The Sherman Pickaxe's Special ability is to give it's user Night Vision II for 5 minutes at the cost of 10 durability.

Attack Damage: 32
Attack Speed: 1.2
Durability: 10000

Sherman Pick Crafting Recipe Sherman Pick In World