Modular Powersuits

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Modular Powersuits
caption Mod Powersuit
Minecraft Versions: 1.7.10, 1.12.2
Modmaker: MachineMuse
Modpacks: Colony, Mythic, Infinity
Link to mod: Numina Powersuit (require Numina)

The Modular Powersuit mod also known as Numina is a mid-end game mod which adds an Armor and a multi-tool.

Getting started[edit]

For starting you need to get (parts of) the armor which is set up like a normal armor. There is also the multi-tool called “Power Fist”.

The armor and multi-tool are useless without the “Power Armor Tinker Table” and its upgrades.

  • Tinkers Table recipe
  • Power Armor Helmet recipe
  • Power Armor Chestplate recipe
  • Power Armor Leggins recipe
  • Power Armor Boots recipe
  • Power Armor fist recipe
  • Wiring (required for crafting) recipe

Upgrading your tools[edit]

To make your Armor useful you have to upgrade it through the “Power Armor Tinker Table” using its interface you can attach upgrades.

You can access the table by pressing right click.

If you upgrade your armor be in care if the stuff gets heavier by attaching upgrades. Also if you make to much ugrades the Suit can overheat. To avoid this just attach the "Liquid Nitrogen Cooling System" which is located on the Chestplate-Envoirement upgrade.

  • Tinkertable uprgrade interface
  • Tinkertable keybind interface
  • Tinkertable visual interface

At the left interface you can see how you can upgrade your interface. By pressing left mouse button on a part or your armor / power fist you can select the different upgrades they are available. By hovering aboght them with your mouse you can see the upgrade. If you press the left mouse button you can see the requirement you need for it.

At the middle interface you can make new keybinds. If you want to make a new one click on "New" and the key you want to bind and drag and drop it to the upgrade you want to control it with.

At the left interface you can change visual aspect of the armor like changing the color and adding visual parts