Thermal Dynamics

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Thermal Dynamics
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Minecraft Versions: 1.7.10, 1.10.2, 1.11.2, 1.12.2
Modmaker: Team CoFH
Modpacks: Infinity, Mythic, Colony, Spellbound
Link to mod: [1]

This is a mod that adds the following blocks into the game:

  • Fluxduct: A 4 tiered energy conduit system that condust RF (Redstone Flux) a common source of power in modded minecraft.
  • Fluiduct: A 3 tiered liquid conduit system that can also transfer energy using Flux-Plated Fluiduct.
  • Itemduct: A 5 tiered conduit that transports items, with the Fluctuating Itemduct transferring energy.
  • Structuralduct: Used to make covers for the Thermal Dynamics' ducts.
  • Servo: A 5 tiered item that extracts blocks from direct connected to a remotive inventory/tank that can filter/or not filter out specific blocks.
  • Retriever: A 5 tiered item that retrieves blocks designated by its filter from any remote inventory/tank connected by its pipe system.
  • Filter: A 5 tiered item that restricts the movement of items or fluids put into a remote inventory/tank.

More About This Mod[edit]

This mod created by Team CoFH requires Thermal Foundation as its core mod. The mods pipes are compatible with ME Fluid/Item Storage from AE2, aslong with being compatible with almost any block that has a inventory like feature, meaning it holds a liquid or item inside of it.